My Review Policy

Last Updated 07/07/2013

The review policy is subject to change without notice. Please read it every time before sending review requests.

Sometimes I chose not to use this, but if I get sent books, I will always use this format

I do not accept adult books for review, but accept review requests for Young Adult and sometimes Middle Grade books of all sub-genres in e-book or dead tree book.

In exchange for a book for review that I end up reading and reviewing(no guarantee on this, and there is also no guarantee that the review will be positive) you will get:

A rating out of 10 in-

  • Appearance
  • Blurb
  • Chapter Hooks
  • Overall Value for Money
Plus an additional comment on each one as well as general notes. 

Please send all review inquiries to

Other services: I love hosting giveaways, interviewing authors, participating in blog tours, and other fun things like that.

Please note that all my reviews are honest and not always positive.