Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Cosy Little Nooks To Read and Write!

Hiya Guys,

I know what you are thinking right now- where does that genius find the time in her bussy schedule  to write such poetry, and where, where on on earth!!!!!!????????

Or something like that...

Anyway, this week I've decided to do a personal post, just about where I get my inspiration to do my blog, and also I'll show you my little relaxing spot where I like to read and write.
This is where I read, listen to music and think of ideas for the blog, I basically get all the pillows I own and throw them on the floor which takes up about two thirds of my room! Here it looks so tidy, trust me- it's not!
So this is where the 'magic' happens! Here I write posts as well as do all my homework for the week and just do 'stuff' in general really! Behind my computer you can see a bookshelf, that's where I keep some of my books, random ornaments and CD's.

And that's my family's book collection although there is still a whole load of books up in the loft as well though, I tend not to read books from there usually, as they are mostly non-fiction books, not really my scene...!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that post, just a little insight into my world,
Leave a comment if you liked it! I always love reading them,
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Friday, 28 June 2013

IT'S THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS!- 5 Must-Read Books To Read Over The Holidays!

School's Out! 
     That means loads more free time to read and enjoy yourself, while relaxing on exotic islands, or sitting in a tent in the pouring rain, here are some ideas! If you want to find out about them, just click the Title of the book and it will lead you to the blurb....

                       1.Between by Jessica Warman->

Thirteen Reasons Why

<-2. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay   Asher

            3.Forever... by Judy Blume->

   <-    4. Delirium by Lauren Oliver


                                      5. Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli ->

I hope you enjoy these books! I certainly did!
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How to Build a House by Dana Reinhardt

Hiya Readers!

Can I start of by saying that no, I will not be  instructing you on how to build a semi-detached bungalow, so if I have mislead you, I apologize!!

How to Build a HouseSo, I actually read this book slightly more than a month ago, but I never got round to doing a review, so I'm finally doing it! This book was one of my favorites for a long time and it's basically about this girl who goes away to work on this charity project, and has lots of new experiences, meets new people and even finds love. I know, I am pretty terrible at describing books, and I have probably made this seem like the crummiest book ever, but I assure you, it's not. So here's the blurb-

Harper's dad is getting a divorce from her beloved stepmother, Jane. Even worse, Harper has lost her stepsister, Tess; the divorce divides them. Harper decides to escape by joining a volunteer program to build a house for a family in Tennessee who lost their home in a tornado. Not that she knows a thing about construction.
Soon she’s living in a funky motel and working long days in blazing heat with a group of kids from all over the country. At the site, she works alongside Teddy, the son of the family for whom they are building the house. Their partnership turns into a summer romance, complete with power tools. Learning to trust and love Teddy isn’t easy for Harper, but it’s the first step toward finding her way back home. 
Yep, I know, it does sound pretty cheesy, I think it may be an attraction I have to cheesy books, but seriously, it is a great novel. So anyway, I'm gonna crack on and review the book....

Appearance 7/10
I thought it was okay, nothing amazing, in fact the only reason I picked this book out was because I was about to ask the librarian if she could put it back in the non-fiction section where it belongs (when I first saw the title!)!. Does look quite cool though, and I quite like the quirky title.

Blurb 7/10
The blurb was pretty standard, verging on slightly corny (like all good blurbs should?!). That is pretty much all I have to say on the matter, although I would say that it doesn't quite show how good the book is...

Chapter Hooks 9/10
I couldn't put this book down, I don't know if it is because I just love these type of books, or because it was genuinely a great book, but either way it had me gripped right from the start, when she arrived at the more than slightly shabby hotel!

Overall Value For Money 10/10
Well, I think it costs about $8.99 on average, and I think this is worth it. Actually, in hindsight, I probably would have put this on my 'top five summer reads' post. It truly is the perfect book to read on a Sunday morning , with a lemonade in your hand and this book in another....

So, with an overall score of 33/40 I give you 'How To Build A House'! It truly is an epic book.
I actually found it really refreshing, and for some reason when I finished it I felt so... I don't know...fulfilled?

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post!
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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beacons- A Selection Of Short Storys

Dear Readers,

So lately, I went with my parents to a book release kind of thing to find out about a new (charity) book that has just been released called Beacons. This book was a collection of short stories, all based around global warming and climate change. I know, right?! I had, in simple terms, the time of my life. Not.

Okay, okay, harsh. It wasn't too bad there was lots of crisps to help me through,and the building it was in was beautiful. It was just because I was surrounded by lots of elderly people, who kept on asking me the same questions over and over again, as if I might have aged 20 years since they last asked me....!!
So, basically, it's by a ton of authors who have volunteered their stories, and they are all centered around climate change, can't describe it very well so I'll show you the blurb:

Never before have we been so uncertain about what the following years, decades and centuries might bring. From Joanne Harris' powerful vision of a near future where venturing outside becomes a dangerous habit, to Nick Haye’s beautifully illustrated tale of the bond between man and nature. Here, our authors have created provocative, funny, sometimes satirical, and at times deeply moving stories that bring an immediate reality to the problems at hand.

Anyway, as you probably know if you have read my last few posts, I absolutely love end of the world scenarios. Don't know why,just find them exciting for some reason.
Anyway, after reading the book my verdict is this:

Nice appearance, beautiful front cover as you can see.

The content was good, like all short story books, I didn't love them all, some made me feel very illiterate and some were just to easy to read. It was a good book though and there were some masterpieces in there!

Overall value is good, I think the RRP is around £8.99 which isn't too bad, for 21 different stories by some well-know writers, also, all the  royalties go to a charity, which is called Stop Climate Chaos.

So yeah, I am pretty impressed, it's a good book, despite the opening ceremony!

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What I've Decided....

Hi everyone!

As you probably have noticed I have not really been posting for a while now. And the reason is this:
I was posting at nearly every opportunity I got and I had absolutely no time for myself once I got homework, extra-curricular clubs and other stuff out the way! And to be honest, it was becoming a bit of a chore, which I do not want to happen.

So here's my plan:
I am gonna put one WHOLE day aside for blogging every month for writing as many good posts as I can, then save them and gradually post them throughout the month! Thats the idea anyway, this means that my posts wont be so irregular, in random surges of inspiration and other times just leaving my blog lying there to shrivel up and DIE!!!

So yeah...

Anyway, it is now the summer holidays in Scotland, which aside from meaning time off school, it will also give me a lot more free time to blog and more importantly READ!! I swear to goodness, I haven't even considered reading a book in a week so that is gonna have to change. Luckily, the library's stay open in the summer, so I'll try it and pay a few visits, I  might even do the summer reading challenge, now there's a thought....

So there is my excuse, I will try and keep you up-to-date on what I've been reading or just general crap that I like to spin. Also, I was thinking of starting a YouTube series for reviews on some books? Leave a comment below for any ideas, love to see them!

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Follow Me On Pinterest!?

Hiya Readers!

This is gonna be a very short post but here goes!
So recently I have joined Pinterest! To be honest I only really joined so I could see one of my friends boards, but I have found it really useful! I have created a board called 'Books For Teens' and I would love y'all to take a look-see, maybe like a few pins and perhaps follow my board?? Anyway, I shall leave a link at the bottom of this post. Just remember, even if you don't have Pinterest, you can still check out the board so no excuses!! Anyway, write soon,
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